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She plays the piano as though it were an extension of her soul.

The melodies follow one another in a seamless stream, thanks to her clever arrangements.

Ann Powell


Carol Anne Wells has several solo virtuoso programmes available to perform:

Screen Gems / Hooray For Hollywood

This is a programme based around the world of film. Carol Anne has long had a passion for the movies, and one of her favourite pastimes is to arrange the music from films - and sometimes television - into her own original medleys. She speaks with great humour and knowledge about this fascinating area of show business.

Radio Times

This is a show that pays homage to the old BBC Light programme that is now Radio 2. There are many musical hidden gems that Carol Anne digs out from the recesses of the memory for everyone to enjoy afresh. This unique show will take you right from the early days of BBC Radio up to recent times, from Dick Barton, Special Agent to Friday Night is Music Night.

Rhapsody, Rock & Ragtime

This innovative programme was so unusual that at its inception it was featured on Woman's Hour. From Mozart to the movies, from Rachmaninov to Ragtime, whatever your musical tastes, this is the show for you!! It is a light-hearted look at how the 20th Century sounds of jazz, swing and pop have evolved from the operatic, instrumental and folk "hits" of bygone years.

Travels with my Piano

When you are an itinerant musician, many amusing incidents occur. This programme is a collection of the surprising, comical and incredible events that I have experienced in my career so far, involving many well-known stars of the music & theatrical world. My travels have led me from church halls in sleepy villages to the grandeur of the Royal Albert Hall, "This Is Your Life" to the National Theatre. The stories are interspersed with musical items.

Classical Hits

Carol Anne also performs classical favourites, (Moonlight Sonata, Clair de Lune, etc.) and some less well-known yet beautiful melodies. As a professional classical pianist, Carol Anne derives much pleasure in being asked to go back to her roots and play the great Masters from the past; Mozart, Chopin, Liszt to name but a few.

Aspects of Love

A wonderful collection of some of the world's greatest songs & pieces of music. A celebration of love through the medium of music. Ideal for that special anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just to wallow some of the thousands of times written about love.

Thanks for the Memory

A real mixed bag of well-known and loved tunes and songs to take you back in time. The "feel good" factor of nostalgia leaves the audience smiling. This show will habe you humming from start to finish as you recall the times of yesteryear. From the Thirties to the Sixties this show is jam packed with memorable music.

Around the World in Eighty Minutes

A whistle stop tour of countries associated with specific melodies, songs and styles of music down through the ages. No passport required, just a love of good music - and travel, of course.

Shall We Dance?

A lively, fast-moving show following the changing styles of dance music from the minuet to the macarena! A real toe-tapping experience. It is almost impossible to separate music and dance as the one tends to drive the other. Relive the music of Fred and Ginger, the craze for Latin American and ballroom dancing, enjoy the sublime tunes of Tchaikovsky ballets.


This one-woman show is based entirely around some of the legendary composers and performers of stage and screen; Judy Garland to Dusty Springfield, Elvis to Frank Sinatra, The Beatles to Abba. The timeless melodies of John Barry, Max Steiner, James Horner & Maurice Jarre weave seamlessly into a show to remember.

Back to the Future!

This - the latest one-woman show - is the most eclectic mix of styles Carol Anne has so far created. Four centuries during which life has influenced music and music has influenced life. From keyboard studies, from Chopin to Showstoppers, the intricacies of music developed from the intimacy of the private house, via the medium of the radio to full orchestral scores to accompany blockbuster films. Using the mjost up-to-date keyboard as part of the show, be amazed at the different styles of music that have now become part of our everyday lives. A witty and informative dialogue presented in a relaxed way by Carol Anne adds to the enjoyment.

Customising Programmes...

Programmes can be designed to fit specific requirements; Carol Anne's versatility in playing all types and styles of music enables her to produce custom made shows. She can devise shows for a specific occasion, celebration or for a themed evening.

If you are interested in any of the above performances, either to make enquiries or to book, please submit an enquiry via the Contact Me page.