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She plays the piano as though it were an extension of her soul.

The melodies follow one another in a seamless stream, thanks to her clever arrangements.

Ann Powell



An Accidental Waiting To Happen

Track Number Track Name Preview
1 Around the World
2 60s Iconic Films Play
3 Autumn Concerto
4 60s Top of the Pops Play
5 Send in the Clowns Play
6 Rogers & Hammerstein Tribute Play
7 Broadway Melody Play
8 Beatlemania Play

Chocolate Box Piano Classics

Track Number Track Name Preview
1 Variations on 'Oh Dear What Can the Matter be' Play
2 Sonata in A Major (1st Movement) Play
3 Sonata in C# Minor (1st Movement)
4 Nocturne in Eb
5 Waltz in E Minor
6 Bercause in Db Play
7 Contes Bleus
8 Autumne Play
9 Danse Creole
10 Un Sospiro (Study in Db) Play
11 Premiere Gymnopedie
12 Bethena Waltz
13 Clair de Lune

By Arrangement With...

Track Number Track Name Preview
1 Screen Legends Play
2 Classic Film Pops Play
3 Russian Medley
4 Andrew Lloyd-Webber Medley
5 Fred & Ginger Tribute Play
6 Snow White
7 Latin Medley